I Try – Digt Af Christine Houston

I try not to think about the bones
sticking out of your skin
How you could not walk
Without my support

I try to think about the ways
you would step on my shadow
So I could run away
of what was our game

I try not to think of how
You looked at me
So deeply confused
or with accusation

I try to think of the happiness
in your eyes
when I came home
to keep you company

I try not to think of the grey
that infested your skin
to settle the statement
of a lesser heartbeat

I try to think of the sun
that made you brown
both out of happiness
of the warmth around us

I try not think of the last words
you said to me
before you lost your mind
I try not to think of the emptiness
you left behind

I try to think of the way
you used to live
before you died

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  1. Ole Gregers Andreassen July 19, 2016 — 5:55 pm

    læs poesi , fx Riefbjergs Anardigte

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