I want to see the sky
See how blue, blue can be
See how clouds wander
and watch the birds fly
to places that are
beyond my wildest fantasies

I want to see the sun
Feel the heat on my skin
See how it marks me
with burns or freckles
See the light that so
easily can blind anyone

I want to see the moon
See how big it can get
even though it is so far away
See it’s many companions shining
in the dark and cold night that seems
so lonely and yet so peaceful

I want to see the sea
See waves curve and rumble
See how the wind masters
the power of movement
See the reflection of the sky
that determines your colors

I want to see the rain
How it can wash everything away
Smell the reborn air
that makes my heart swell up in happiness
See how drops give new life
in the soil beneath me

I want to see the snow
See how white, white can be
How it feels cold in my hands
while it melts slowly
To se something so simple
molded into your favorite piece of art

I want to see everything green
See how trees go from
naked to bright green dresses
See how flowers appear
with each their own color and smell
and see their seeds travel
many miles from here

I want to see you
See the wrinkles by your eyes when you laugh
See your crooked teeth when you smile
Smell your favorite shampoo from your hair
Feel your arms that consume me with love
I want to see everything that defines you

And all of these things
I will appreciate
Right until my last breath escapes
Until my heart draws its last beat
Until my eyes shut forever
to this wonderful world
that I will never forget